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Setting up a store has always been expensive and time-consuming. But not anymore. We've fixed it. With Relay, you can create a digital store for free, upload your files, receive payments, and build your email list – plus, you'll get featured on Relay.

(with no subscription fees, no coding required)

BONUS: multiple passive income streams
We'll also automatically feature your products on the Relay marketplace. So if you're already selling on another platform, just list them on Relay anyway, it's free.
"I use Relay to earn a full-time income on YouTube. It's free and easy to use."
Mitch Lally - Photographer, Filmmaker, YouTuber

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Create your digital product store in 60 seconds (for free)

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Upload your files and start receiving payments

Apple Pay
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Use your Relay link everywhere and earn passive income

Build your email list

Relay collects customer emails for you automatically

You can list some products as free downloads to capture emails (just set the price as zero).

All the features you need

Relay takes care of everything for you (so you can keep doing what you love)

Automated digital business, in a box

Create a digital product store for FREE

List unlimited products for FREE

Earn passive income, all in USD

Set your own prices

Use free products to capture emails

Manage your store in one dashboard

See a list of customer emails

Choose your customer store link

Conversion-optimized product pages

Frictionless payments already built in

Automatic file delivery to customers

We cover server costs for you

We take care of customer support

“I use Relay to earn a full-time income on YouTube. It's so easy for creatives to use.”

Mitch Lally

Photographer, Cinematographer, YouTuber

Bonus: Get multiple streams of passive income

Your products will be featured on the Relay marketplace as well

Already selling digital products on another platform? You can list your products on Relay anyway to get extra sales. There's no listing fees and no exclusivity required.


A model that serves independent creators

Relay's mission is to create the best possible platform for independent creators to sell digital products, earn passive income, and build businesses and careers around their passions.

In order to make it absolutely risk-free for anyone to get started, Relay has no upfront costs and no subscription fees. It's 100% free to create a Relay store.

Instead, we make money through a simple and transparent revenue share model where our interests are directly aligned with creators — we only make money when the creator makes a lot more money.

When you make a sale, you will receive 85% revenue share, with automatic payouts every month to your PayPal.

The payment processor fee of 3.6% + $0.30 per sale.

Relay's revenue share is 15%. As a small self-funded team, our revenue share helps us fund things including ongoing server costs, engineering costs, customer support costs, and operational costs so we can continue improving the platform for the community. Also, all affiliate commissions are paid out from Relay's share, rather than the seller's.

Use your own affiliate link to increase your revenue share to 90% (an extra 5%). Create an account to get your affiliate link.

“Relay’s model puts creators first. Anyone can get started without the set up time, subscription fees, or upfront costs other platforms usually have.”

Paul Wardingham

Guitarist, composer, producer

Why use Relay?

No subscription fees. No upfront costs. No coding.

Digital = Freedom

Why sell digital products vs physical products?


What types of digital products can you sell on Relay?

Lightroom Presets

Premiere LUTs Presets




How-to Guides




Design Templates

Web templates

Video templates

Presentation templates

Document templates

Spreadsheet templates


Business resources


Ecommerce hacks

Health and fitness


Sound effects

Electronic samples

3D assets and textures



Downloadable videos

Apps, software, code

Stock photos

Stock videos

Stock music

And much more...

Meet the team behind Relay

Made for creatives, by creatives

We’re a small self-funded team with diverse backgrounds across creative industries, tech, and ecommerce. Our work and ventures have been featured on The New York Times, TechCrunch,  Gizmodo, and Product Hunt. We came together to create Relay because we've seen and believe in the impact creators can have on the world. Relay exists to support creators directly — to help share their creations, build businesses around what they love, and achieve the freedom they desire.

Johnny Cheng
Product Design, Community
Kieran Harper
Engineering, Infrastructure
Peita Lin
Product Engineering

“Relay is made by creatives, for creatives.”

Mitch Lally

Photography, Filmmaker, YouTuber

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