Relay Affiliate Program

Invite new sellers to Relay and earn
uncapped passive income for 12 months
If anyone clicks your affiliate link and creates a FREE store on
Relay, we’ll pay you 5% of their store’s revenue for 12 months.
No limits. Paid automatically to your PayPal every month.
Copy and share your affiliate link
Add your affiliate ID ?ref=a12345 to the end of any Relay URL.  Copy
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Automatic payouts to your PayPal. No minimum.

Note: To support creators, all affiliate commissions are paid by Relay (not by sellers). Your commissions will not affect any sellers.

How it works

Share your link
Copy your affiliate link and invite new users
Get commission if they A) create a store or B) buy a product on Relay
Get Paid Automatically
Receive payouts to your PayPal every month

Don’t know any sellers? Here’s another way to earn

Refer products and earn 5% commissionIf anyone clicks your affiliate link and buys your product on Relay
within 24 hrs, you’ll get 90% revenue share (bonus 5% on each sale).
Add this code to the end of product links
Go to a product page and copy the affiliate link
PRO TIPAdd your links to your YouTube descriptions,
Instagram, website, blog, and social channels.


As an affiliate, how would I be helping independent creators?

All affiliate commissions you earn are paid by Relay (rather than by sellers), which means that your commissions will not reduce the money sellers receive. Relay covers the cost completely for sellers. In fact, the more sellers you invite to Relay, or the more affiliate sales you make, the more you’ll be supporting independent creators. You’ll be helping them find out about a new passive income stream, get rid of subscription fees, save money every month, generate new sales, and build a sustainble digital business.

How do Relay’s affiliate links work?

Relay’s affiliate links are cookied for 24 hours. So if someone clicks your link and takes action within 24 hrs, you’ll get the conversion. Also, the owner of the last affiliate link a user clicks, gets the conversion.

What is my affiliate ID?

Each user has a unique affiliate ID. Your affiliate ID is the unique tag (e.g. ?ref=a67er23) at the end of your affiliate link that allows any conversions to be attributed to you.

When will I be paid my affiliate commissions?

We will automatically send monthly payouts to your PayPal account in USD on the 15th of every month — after a previous month's sales period (NET15). For example, if you earned commissions in Jan, we will send it to you on Feb 15.

Is there a minimum amount I need to earn to receive a payout?

There is no minimum. We will pay you any commisions you’ve earned every month.

What is PayPal’s payout fee?

PayPal's payout fee is 2% of your total payout (up to $1 if you’re in the US, up to $20 if you’re outside US). When you receive the payout, you’ll see this in your PayPal receipt.